Introducing Welcome Committee members Kazumi (Kaz) Francis and Mia Konovelchick!

How many years have you been running?
Kaz: Started running in 2012, but I was out for 2 years with back injury

Mia: 4

What made you start running?
A wrist injury forced me to stop playing racquetball.  The only thing I could do was run.  My BRF, Kristen, convinced me to run a half marathon and that’s how I started.

Mia: I wanted to prove to myself I could be a runner

What keeps you motivated to continue running?
Kaz: Having goals, a training plan, group runs and the running community.

Mia: Love of the sport, the running community, friends I’ve made.

What do you do when you are not running? 
Kaz:  I am a mom of adult sons, a wife, an infant & toddler teacher for over 10 years and a student at Granite State College.

Mia: Nurse, triathlon training and coaching, spin instructor, mom.

What was your first race?
Kaz: One of 5k running series at Mines Fall in summer.

Mia: Color run

What was your favorite race?
Kaz: Vermont City Marathon. First time was DNF, due to cancellation of the race. I finished this year with PR for redemption. Support for this race is amazing. Highly recommend it!

Mia: Shamrock Shuffle or Cinco de Miles.

Most memorable run?  
Kaz: Hartford Marathon with my BRF, Kristen which was the first marathon I finished.

Mia: Ironman Timberman 70.3 or Baystate 26.2.

Why do you love SRTT-NH?
Kaz: What an amazing group of ladies!  Everyone is so supportive, loving and inspiring!  I love that we all are at different levels of running journey yet we all understand and support each other.  We struggle together, cry together and celebrate together! Totally awesome!

Mia: The community is amazing, so supportive, with so many great women.  I have made so many running friends and every day friends.