Concord Region

Introducing Welcome Committee members Danielle Bosco and Kate Soule-Lambert!

Kate and Danielle

How many years have you been running?
Danielle: 2 years steady… I ran for a year but never seriously then took a year off

Kate: 6

What made you start running?
Danielle: Weight loss originally, but when I got serious it was because I was dealing with some personal things in my life.

Kate: Long story short: my goal was to be able to run a mile without stopping. It took several weeks of C25K before I was able to do so. Once I achieved that mile, I decided immediately to keep at it and tackle a 5K.

What keeps you motivated to continue running?
Danielle: Setting big goals keeps me going; I have now completed 2 full marathons.

Kate: I love everything about it. The good runs, the bad runs. The occasional run that makes everything in the world feel right. Oh, and let’s not forget the running gear & apparel! Running goals can change. It’s really the tough goals, the once I don’t get on the 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd try that keep me going.

What do you do when you are not running?
Danielle: Hiking and kids; my kids keep me busy with their after school activities.

Kate: I love spending time with family. I also love to go hiking and cycling because they are both things I can do with them and still enjoy activity and the outdoors. I’m also a nerd and I love to learn (particularly about health and fitness) which ultimately led me to becoming a Personal Trainer. It isn’t uncommon for me to take free time and study up on something of interest.

What was your first race?
Danielle: A color run.

Kate: Witch Way to the 5K, Bedford, NH, 2012

What was your favorite race?
Danielle: NE Travelers half marathon–that’s my home turf!

Kate: Eastern States 20 Miler (local); Chicago Marathon (non-local)

Most memorable run?
Danielle: I have so many amazing runs and races. My running partner had a severe medical issue that had her hospitalized and took a lot of recovery. Our first run back together sticks out as a wonderful day!

Kate: Oh, this is tough. I guess my runs are much like a child on the beach collecting shells and rocks. Each run, shell and rock are all special in their own way and I just can’t put any of them back. Memorable runs because of the mishaps, friendships made, distances achieved, hills crushed, paces made, weather and locations…all are keepers.

Why do you love SRTT-NH?
Danielle: I have met so many amazing women from this group. The relationships I have made are truly life changing. Group runs are good for body and soul, I definitely need it!

Kate: The community of SRTT is outstanding. Without doubt, there is no way I would have grown into the runner I am without the accountability, support and friendships that have both inspired and motivated me inside and outside of running. It gives me the opportunity to help other women rise!