Introducing Welcome Committee members Jessica Ippolito and Jenn Monroe!


How many years have you been running?
Jess: 5 or 6?
Jenn: Five consistently but off and on for nine or 10

What made you start running?
Jess: I needed to get off my butt and do something, so I started Couch to 5k and my first race was the Rock n Race in Concord, NH.

Jenn: When I first moved to NH it was because I was asked to be part of a Reach the Beach team. Since I’ve been running consistently it has been to stay healthy and active.

What keeps you motivated to continue running?
The feeling I get when I’m done.  I feel so accomplished.  Also, I love that my 4-year-old feels like he wants to be a runner some day because he sees me running.

Jenn: Running is how I stay connected to nature and my friends, and how I manage my anxiety.

What do you do when you are not running?
I spend most of my time with my little guy.  I also read a LOT- just about anything! I can also crochet and knit.

Jenn: I mom, I write, and I teach writing.

What was your first race?
As I said a bit earlier, it was the Rock n Race in Concord.  I did it with my sister and a friend, and I felt incredible and so accomplished when I was done.

Jenn: Reach the Beach.

What was your favorite race? 
My favorite race was Wallis Sands—my 2nd 1/2 marathon.  I ran it with my BRF and my family was there waiting for me when I was done.

Jenn: Right now I’d say it is the NH Half Marathon in Bristol. I’ve run it twice and PRed both times. The course isn’t easy, but the race is small, well-organized, and I’ve always had one of my BRFs as company.

Most memorable run? 
Jess: The end of the Jingle Bell 1/2- I was super emotional and just wanted to be done, so I’m running to the finish line and my husband and 4-year-old–who I didn’t know were coming–were there to surprise me.  I had blinders on, and all I could see was the finish line, so my little guy started running after me yelling, “mama, why won’t you stop?!” “Mama, I’m right here!” I finally saw him and just started crying and he said, “mama, why are you crying?” and I said “that was a really hard race and I didn’t finish like I wanted to”and he said, “but you finished didn’t you?” Made me cry even harder!

Jenn: My 28-mile training run in preparation for my first ultra marathon. It is memorable because I suffered through most of it. I did the majority of it outside in the cold but had to complete it on a treadmill at the YMCA. I was crying and trying not to vomit for miles 27 and 28. The next day I had to get up and run 15 more miles, and I did, fueled by the knowledge that 1. How I felt the day before most likely would be the worst I’d ever feel and 2. It didn’t break me.

Why do you love SRTT-NH? 
I have made some of the best friendships I’ll ever had and joined a community I didn’t even know I could be a part of.

Jenn: I would not have done any of the crazy running things I’ve accomplished without this group. This includes a 55-miler and running (sort of) up the Mt. Washington Auto Road. There is almost always someone willing to run with me, even when I make them do miles and miles of hills. Also, I’ve made such good friends who I would not have met otherwise.