Vulcan’s Fury Trail Race |Race Recap

Race Location: Pawtuckaway State Park Race Date: October 13, 2018 Race Managed/Timed By: Acidotic Racing Organization of Bib Pick Up: Bib pick up was day off race with plenty of time before start of race. Organization of Race: The organization was great; plenty of people issuing out bibs. Timing was done through chips. Very well organized. Course Description: The morning was … Continue reading Vulcan’s Fury Trail Race |Race Recap

Midnight Owl 15K |Race Recap

Race Location: North Conway, NH Race Date: 7/28/2018 Race Managed/Timed By: Mount Washington Valley Skating Club Proceeds to Benefit (if any): Mount Washington Valley Skating Club Organization of Bib Pick Up: Smooth and easy! The start point and bib pick up were in Schouler Park in the center of North Conway. There was plenty of … Continue reading Midnight Owl 15K |Race Recap

Down East Sunrise Trail Relay | Race Recap

Race Location: Ellsworth to Eastport, Maine Race Date: 7/20-7/21/2018 Race Managed/Timed By: Crow Athletics Proceeds to Benefit (if any): The Down East Trail Coalition, who maintain the trail Organization of Bib Pick Up: Bib pickup is at the starting line of the relay 30 minutes before your team’s start time. Teams have a staggered start … Continue reading Down East Sunrise Trail Relay | Race Recap

Goffstown Berry Classic | Race Recap

Race Location: Goffstown Race Date: July 21, 2018 Race Managed/Timed By: Granite State Race Services Proceeds to Benefit (if any): Goffstown Historical Society Organization of Bib Pick Up: The organization of the bib pick up was an easy and pleasant experience. The volunteers greeted me with their happy faces and offered to keep my bag … Continue reading Goffstown Berry Classic | Race Recap

Hugh Holt Memorial 5 Miler | Race Recap

Race Location: Raymond NH Race Date: 7/8/18 Race Managed/Timed By: 3C Race Productions Proceeds to Benefit (if any): Scholarships for children in the summer program in town. Organization of Bib Pick Up: Bib pick up is in the lobby of the middle school. I arrived about 5 minutes before the race started, grabbed my bib … Continue reading Hugh Holt Memorial 5 Miler | Race Recap

Stonyfield 5K | Race Recap

Race Location: Kingston, NH Race Date: May 11, 2018 Race Managed/Timed By: LOCO Races Proceeds to Benefit (if any): LOCO does donate to charity, but this race was not for a specific charity. Organization of Bib Pick Up: Day of bib pick up was organized and easy. Located at a big tent near the parking … Continue reading Stonyfield 5K | Race Recap

Martha’s Vineyard Marathon | Race Recap

Race Location: Martha's Vineyard, MA Race Date: May 19, 2018 Race Managed/Timed By: USA Endurance Organization of Bib Pick Up: At our time of bib pick up, which was the middle of the allotted time frame, there was only one person working the table. They had numbers for you to line up at according to … Continue reading Martha’s Vineyard Marathon | Race Recap

Big Lake Half Marathon | Race Recap

Race Location: Alton, NH Race Date: 5/19/18 Race Managed/Timed By: Loco Races Organization of Bib Pick Up: Organized bib pick up, separate line for shirts. Organization of Race: I thought the race itself was well organized, there were plenty of signs and volunteers at any corner. There could have been a few more signs around … Continue reading Big Lake Half Marathon | Race Recap

Sugarloaf 15K |Race Recap

Race Location: Sugarloaf, Maine Race Date: 5/20/18 Race Managed/Timed By: All Sports Events Organization of Bib Pick Up: Very organized and easy to get in and out. Barely any lines. However, we were required to be present to pick up bibs, no picking up for friends/family, which can be difficult for a destination race. Pick … Continue reading Sugarloaf 15K |Race Recap