Martha’s Vineyard Marathon | Race Recap

Race Location: Martha's Vineyard, MA Race Date: May 19, 2018 Race Managed/Timed By: USA Endurance Organization of Bib Pick Up: At our time of bib pick up, which was the middle of the allotted time frame, there was only one person working the table. They had numbers for you to line up at according to … Continue reading Martha’s Vineyard Marathon | Race Recap

Cheap! Marathon | Race Recap

Race Name: Cheap! Marathon Race Location: Salisbury Beach State Park, Salisbury MA Race Date: 4/8/2018 Race Managed/Timed By: Green Stride Organization of Bib Pick Up: Heidi B: Bib pickup was to be held during a 4-hour block at the Jack Rabbit running store in Newburyport, MA. They did allow for friends/family to pick up bibs … Continue reading Cheap! Marathon | Race Recap

Going BIG with Big Sur Marathon | A Race Recap

When I decided years ago that I would run a marathon I decided my first one would be a BIG one.  I didn't necessarily mean in terms of people in the race, but I wanted something epic.  A race that people would recognize.  A race that would inspire me through whatever challenges lay ahead. After … Continue reading Going BIG with Big Sur Marathon | A Race Recap

15 Boston Marathon Facts

The Olympic Games provided the inspiration for the first Boston Marathon, which culminated the B.A.A. Games on April 19, 1897. John J. McDermott emerged from a 15-member starting field to complete the course (then 24.5 miles) in a winning time of 2:55:10. The Boston Marathon has since become the world's oldest annually contested marathon. Since … Continue reading 15 Boston Marathon Facts

5 Tips to Choosing a Training Program & Sticking With It!

Congratulations! You took the steps to commit to either start running, get back into it, or run a distance you've never done before, now what? Well, now you need to find a training program that will guide you through this exciting journey so that you don't get injured! Where do you even start? 1. Consider … Continue reading 5 Tips to Choosing a Training Program & Sticking With It!