Vulcan’s Fury Trail Race |Race Recap


Race Location: Pawtuckaway State Park

Race Date: October 13, 2018

Race Managed/Timed By: Acidotic Racing

Organization of Bib Pick Up: Bib pick up was day off race with plenty of time before start of race.

Organization of Race: The organization was great; plenty of people issuing out bibs. Timing was done through chips. Very well organized.

vulcans_fury_map_1080Course Description: The morning was cold and wet it had been raining on and off throughout the night. The leaves were many hues of reds, yellows and oranges. The course slippery, rooted and bridges covered with a hue of green. We were told to slow down when crossing the bridges because the green was moss and with the rain it was super slippery. The trails were winding single track that opened up to dirt roads and you gained elevation as you climbed up devils staircase to North Mountain and South Mountain. The end of the race takes you through windy trails that make you feel like you are going in circles then you hit the road for the last stretch home.

Spectators/Energy: The volunteers are awesome and there were 3 water stops with heed, candy, water and gels.

Swag: The satisfaction of finishing.

After Party: BBQ and beer

Other Thoughts/Comments:: Doing it again next year.

~ Jessica H.


Big Lake Half Marathon | Race Recap


Race Location: Alton, NH

Race Date: 5/19/18

Race Managed/Timed By: Loco Races

Organization of Bib Pick Up: Organized bib pick up, separate line for shirts.

Organization of Race: I thought the race itself was well organized, there were plenty of signs and volunteers at any corner. There could have been a few more signs around the registration/start line area because I mostly relied on the people calling directions out.

Course Description: Hilly. Hilly. Hilly. Beautiful scenery, flat first few miles before an approximately 2 mile climb up towards the parking lot for Mt Major in Alton before coming down through rolling neighborhoods from miles 7-10. Last few miles back down Route 11 towards Alton Bay.

Spectators/Energy: The stretch on Route 11 was a little quiet, the water stop had a lot of energy which helped. Some spectators were out in the neighborhoods and at big intersections. Lots of spectators at the end as you ended at Shibley’s on the Pier in Alton.

Swag: Technical t-shirt and a medal.

After Party: I have heard it’s good, pizza, beer, and ice cream but I personally didn’t try it.

Other Thoughts/Comments:: Train on hills! Its beautiful (and hey now its my PR so I guess you could say its a PR-able course)

~ Danielle F.


Shipyard Maine Coast Half Marathon | Race Recap


Race Location: Biddeford, ME

Race Date: 5/12/18

Race Managed/Timed By: Racewire

Organization of Bib Pick Up: Bib pickup was Friday night from 4-8 p.m., and before the race. I thought it was well organized. They checked my ID, so are serious about bib pickup. You could also get your ID checked for a beer bracelet at that time instead of having to carry your license.

Organization of Race: The race was well organized. There was plenty of parking, and there were potties at the starting point. They also had water at the start. We started in waves every 3 minutes. For the first 1.5 mile runners were tightly packed on the side of the road since it was still open to traffic. Almost all of the roads were open to traffic & cars weren’t too aggressive. There was water & Gatoraid every 2 miles or so. There were port-o-potties along the route as well. The race seemed to be capped at 1200 runners & sold out weeks before the race.

Course Description: The course is gorgeous! The views over the water and the beach houses. There were rolling hills throughout the course. The course was in a Y shape with out & back stretches. The out & back was nice because spectators didn’t have to go far to see runners multiple times.

Spectators/Energy: Volunteers were so friendly, as were other runners. There were stretches with few spectators, but from what I recall, at the beginning, end, and at an intersection for miles 7 & 11.25 there was an energetic crowd. shipyard_medalimg_8094.jpg

Swag: The metal is so cool! You could pay more at registration for the shirt, but I didn’t. At the end each person got a reusable water bottle full of water

After Party: Nice party afterwards. Runners got 2 beer tickets & 1 ice cream ticket (I’d rather more ice cream!). There was music & snacks & places to sit. Although when I finished, at 2h 20min, many vendors had packed up & by 3h 20min when my cousins finished there was very little of the snacks & no vendors left.

Other Thoughts/Comments: This was a fast field of runners! I finished in 2:20, which didn’t feel so slow, but I was finished 1051 out of 1209.

~ Erin M.

Fools Dual Half Marathon | Race Recap

Fools_Dual_Logo_2013Race Location: Gloucester, MA

Race Date: 4/8/18

Race Managed/Timed By: YuKanRun

Organization of Bib Pick Up: Pick up was on race day & started at 8am.

Organization of Race:: Bib pick up was smooth & the staff were friendly. The 15 Porto potties at the start had a long line, but plenty of tp, even after the race. There were water & Gatorade stations at pretty regular intervals, with 2 also giving out gels. Police were driving the course to be sure drivers were safely driving around the runners since roads were open.

Course Description: The race is an out & back and is all rolling hills. The total elevation gain was 604 feet and the hills are challenging! The race is on open roads so runners are on the side of the road & sidewalks. The scenery is beautiful.

Spectators/Energy: The scattered spectators were energetic, and there were a lot of quiet spots with gorgeous scenic views. The announcer at the finish line had a lot of energy.

Swag: Big & fun finishers metal & wicking short sleeve tee shirt. There is also the option to purchase a long sleeve tee with all runners names on it.

After Party: None

Other Thoughts/Comments: The hills were a challenge & the town & ocean views are beautiful. Parking is somewhat limited at the middle school, so arrive early, like they suggest.

~Erin M.

Giddy Up & Go MRTT Virtual Race


Our chapter will be participating in the Moms Run This Town virtual summer run, which include 5k, 10k and half marathon distance.  The virtual races are usually themed races. This past winter the theme was pirates, last summer it was safari and this summer it is western/cowgirl.  A virtual race is one that you can participate in no matter where you are. Then, when you finish you can submit your run time during the allotted time if you choose to. In order to be able to win the prizes given at random for participating at the national level, you would need to submit your time. You can also buy yourself a medal to celebrate the completion of the race.

Here in Greater Manchester we’ve taken the “virtual” to the next level and created an event for it to get as many members together as possible to enjoy this “virtual” run. A very informal approach to a MRTT race, where we come up with a route or two, start together, and run together to complete the virtual race as a group. We hand out medals, hold kids fun runs, and have a great time together because we are just that awesome! We have a great group of members that help out in organizing and planning to make these events possible. One of our members, Beth P. took on organizing our winter virtual race and did a fabulous job and is now putting this one together! Thanks for your time Beth!

This summer, on August 16th, we will hold this year’s summer virtual – the “Giddy Up and Go” virtual race as a relay because, well, relays are awesome and like I already said… we’re awesome!  We’ve had such a blast creating teams for the Manchester City Marathon Relay event as well as the inaugural Gate City Marathon & Relay that it was decided this summer virtual race would be even better if done as a half marathon relay event.


To change things up, relay teams will be created by random draw in a draft. Those who can attend will be hitting up Shorty’s Mexican Restaurant in Bedford at 7pm on July 24 and will enjoy company, drinks, and creating teams.  If you are not able to attend, do not fear, you’ll still be placed on a team! Check out the event page for details and to RSVP!

Giddy Up and Go will be held on the Goffstown Rail Trail and roads in the surrounding area on Sunday, August 16. Gallop over to the event page to stay updated on the latest details! If you’ve never done a virtual race or had the chance to run with our amazing mother runners, this is one event you won’t want to miss out on! If you cannot attend the group relay run, no worries! You can still run it on your own time and participate in the national Moms Run This Town event!

Great Bay Half Marathon | Race Recap

Race Location: Newmarket, NH
Date: Sunday April 12, 2015
Managed by: Loco Sports
Race Timed by: B-Tag  Timed by Loco Sports
Organization:  Loco Sports. Sponsored by Exeter Hospital
The Course:  

The course is challenging but beautiful as it winds its way along a designated scenic road. The race is large enough to close down the entire downtown for a spectacular finish with thousands of cheering fans. Over the past years over 8,500 runners have completed this course with its roller coaster hills, great downtown finish and simply spectacular back roads. 



Purple long sleeve tech shirt for women (navy for men) and a finishers medal! I was pretty intimidated when I saw the back of this shirt while we were waiting for the shuttle. But we did conquer it!!


After Party:
We didn’t have a chance to enjoy the free beer but it was offered at a couple of places downtown. We did enjoy free pizza, yogurt, Hint water, homemade breads and baked goods. Did I mention they were also giving away free bags of rolls, homemade loaves bread and sheet cakes to take home? Some of us went “grocery shopping” and came home with armfuls of food.  Honestly the food offerings were one of the best I’ve seen. I finished near the end and there was plenty of food left and partying taking place.

Other comments/thoughts:
From the moment we hit downtown Newmarket we knew this race was going to be awesome. The energy downtown by runners, spectators and Loco was exciting. I had never been to Newmarket and it had a great small New England town feel. The entertainment on the course kept the excitement flowing .  It ranged from locals playing music and having a party with friends to hula-hooping-roller blading-fiddle playing men and belly dancers. The fun never ended. The course was tough but absolutely beautiful! We traveled on city streets and dirt roads with bicycle support the entire way. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this race. The organization of the race, the entertainment and community support made this one of the most memorable races I have run.
-Alicia W.

5 Tips to Choosing a Training Program & Sticking With It!

Congratulations! You took the steps to commit to either start running, get back into it, or run a distance you’ve never done before, now what? Well, now you need to find a training program that will guide you through this exciting journey so that you don’t get injured! Where do you even start?

1. Consider looking at several different plans.  Find a plan that realistically works with your schedule.  If you can commit to running 3 days a week, don’t select a plan that has 4 or 5 running days because if you miss the runs you’ll feel badly about yourself and that’s not the purpose of training plans! If you find several plans that have things that you like about them feel free to combine some of them to make it fit your schedule. Be sure you give yourself enough time for your training, don’t try to pack a lot of work into an 8 or 12 week plan if it’s not reasonable for your lifestyle.

2. Think about what your goal is with your training plan.  Do you want this plan to help you run without feeling like you’re dying the whole time? Do you want this plan to help you cross the finish line successfully? Do you want to feel stronger during your run so you finish with a better time? What is the purpose of your goal? Having a solid idea will help you stick to your plan.

3. Find someone to train with. Want to stay held accountable and motivated during your training? Find someone who is working towards a similar goal. It will keep you motivated to get the workout in and it will give you something to look forward to.  Plus, it’s always nice to have someone to talk to about what you’re working towards. Someone who really gets what you’re saying!

4. Don’t feel badly if you miss a run or workout. Life happens.  Illness happens. Sometimes you just can’t make it happen no matter how hard you try. Sometimes you’re body is aching and shouting at you for a break. Listen to it and take an extra rest day. Whatever happens, don’t feel badly for missing or skipping a work out.  You will NOT forget how to run. You will NOT lose the work you put in.  If anything, you’ll feel more focused and ready to work the next time you’re scheduled do.

5. Think about ways to reward yourself. A long training plan can be daunting.  8, 12, 16, 18 weeks, whatever you choose, is a long time! Select certain milestones within your training plan that seem like a big deal and then decide what your reward is for when you accomplish that week, day or run.  It is important to reward yourself as you go for all of the hard work you’re doing.  Treat yourself to a donut, pizza, new clothes, running gear (like we really need it), cookies or a pedicure. Whatever it is that gets you excited!  When I was training for my marathon I bought myself an Alex and Ani bracelet but I wouldn’t let myself have it until I ran my 20 mile run. I had it for 2 or 3 weeks, sitting on the kitchen counter, as a daily reminder of my reward. It felt amazing to slip on that bracelet after my run! I earned it, for sure!

Different training plans to consider:

5k training plans- from beginner to advance looking to increase speed

Couch to 5k

Hal Higdon 5k Training Plans

Runner’s World

Jeff Galloway- Run/Walk program

10k training plans- from beginner to advance

Hal Higdon 10k training plans

Runner’s World- Run your first or your fastest

Jeff Galloway 10k plan

Women’s Running Magazine 10k Training plan Sub 60 minutes

Half Marathon training plans: Great plan for beginners (several of our members have used this one)

Hal Higdon half marathon plan

Jeff Galloway half marathon run/walk plan

Runner’s World half marathon plans

Marathon training plans:

Hal Higdon marathon plan

Jeff Galloway marathon plan

Runner’s World marathon plans

Cool Running marathon plan

PopSugar Beginner Marathon plan