Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Swiftwick

Are you looking for the “Best Socks Ever?” Well, we know just the place to get them . . . We’re super excited to have Swiftwick return as a sponsor for our 2019 SRTT NH Run Retreat! They offer a wide variety of womens and mens socks for all your athletic ventures including running, biking, … Continue reading Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Swiftwick

Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Senita Athletics

“Can you ladies recommend shorts with pockets big enough for my fuel and phone?” “Is there such a thing as a nursing sports bra?” “I need new running clothing, but my budget is tight. What are your favorite affordable brands?” “Does anybody make a sports bra with a pocket? #sportsbrasquad #summerrunning” These are all questions … Continue reading Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Senita Athletics

SRTT-NH Olympics!

Participation in the first week of the SRTT-NH Olympics has been AMAZING! From Opening Ceremony group runs, to country-related social events, to very creative ways to show country support, it is clear that this friendly competition is keeping many of you motivated to keep moving this month! If you aren't part of your town/regional team, … Continue reading SRTT-NH Olympics!

5 Tips for Running in the Heat of Summer

One of the many amazing things about living in New Hampshire is experiencing the four seasons, for some amount of time determined by Mother Nature.  Unfortunately, for runners, that means having more running clothes and equipment than we know what to do with, as well as getting our bodies to adapt to the changing temperatures. Here are … Continue reading 5 Tips for Running in the Heat of Summer