Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Shoe Hoodies

Cold and wet toes might be one of the worst things about Winter running in NH. Luckily, there’s a creative (and cute) solution to solve this problem when wool socks aren’t enough. No, we’re not talking about messy duct tape. Stay one step ahead of the weather with, Shoe Hoodies!


These are essentially jackets for your toes. Shoe Hoodies are made of the same material as ski jackets and their patented design mean your tootsies are staying toasty! They are attached to your toe box with velcro making it easy to put them on and take them off. They are perfect for running, walking, hiking – any activity that is outside in cold, wet weather and where you may not be wearing a waterproof shoe. They come in a plethora of colors and in different sizes to fit your shoe perfectly. 

The newest models of Shoe Hoodies even include a reflective logo to help with visibility for those early morning and late night runs and walks. They are working towards having all Shoe Hoodies manufactured in the USA which makes this product even more support worthy.


This company is well loved within our community and rightly so as Shoe Hoodies are a necessity for snowy weather. Almost makes you wish for inches and inches of that white stuff so you can break them out ….. almost …. we can wait a little longer and enjoy Fall first! We’re excited to have this small business sponsor our 2019 SRTTNH Retreat. Thank you Shoe Hoodies!


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