Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Sweaty Bands

Headbands are the perfect accessory to your running wardrobe! They not only hold your hair back, but can add some color, fun, or sparkle to your outfit. The most important feature of athletic headbands are that they are non-slip. Nothing is worse than having a headband fall off mid-run or once you are a sweaty mess.

Since 2007, Sweaty Bands have been providing women with fun non-slip headbands that don’t budge! (Guaranteed or your money back!) Now in their 12th year of business, Sweaty Bands has grown to include multiple widths of headbands and hundreds of designs (including custom work and monograms). Headbands are available in patterns (florals, stripes, animals, sports, etc.), solids (black is still the most popular), or blinged (with actual gemstones). Beyond the original Sweaty Band, they also offer Accessory Bags, Baby Headbands, Petite Headbands, Scrunchies, and Hair Ties.


Founder, Donna Browning, a fitness instructor, developed the headband out of necessity. She needed a headband that stayed on while she taught classes. Regular headbands were not cutting it and donning a microphone to teach didn’t help. Using a borrowed sewing machine, she purchased a variety of materials and sewed until she found a combination of fabrics that worked and didn’t slip. She began wearing them to her classes and selling them to students and fellow gym goers. Word spread quickly and she began receiving requests for them – she knew she had started something amazing! She developed a website to start selling online and has continued to grow the company and product line ever since. 

You can purchase Sweaty Bands online or at our local running stores. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see their latest designs and learn about special offers!

We’d like to thank Sweaty Bands for sponsoring our 2019 Fall Retreat. We couldn’t be happier to have you on board or to have you holding our hair back! 


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