Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Momentum Jewelry

One of the best things about SRTT is all the motivation, inspiration, and cheerleading we provide each other. We not only lift each other up and empower each other but truly help fellow members be better runners, mothers, friends, etc. It’s truly an amazing group!

momentum fb

That’s the idea behind Momentum Jewelry, one of our Fall Retreat sponsors. Founder, Amy Cochrane, was inspired while working out to create a piece of jewelry that would keep her motivated and help her find the SPARK – she did just that and more! It started with a wrap bracelet but they now offer an entire product line of bracelets, shoe charms, necklaces, etc geared toward being your own personal cheerleader when you need it the most. 

momentum bracelet

Momentum Jewelry is proudly handmade in the USA and comes in a variety of colors, styles, and sayings. Many products even offer the option to customize your saying. Put your mantra where you need it! Whether it’s “Dig Deep” on a wrap right next to your watch, “make it happen” on a footnote on your sneaker, or “dream big” on a necklace, those few words can help push you through that long run or towards the finish line!

momentum runner

We’d like to thank Momentum Jewelry for sponsoring our 2019 Fall Retreat. We’re excited to share the spark with everyone in SRTTNH! Be sure to check out the FB group discount file to get the limited time member only coupon code to use at

What would you put on a custom Momentum Jewelry piece?


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