Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Sweaty Bands

Headbands are the perfect accessory to your running wardrobe! They not only hold your hair back, but can add some color, fun, or sparkle to your outfit. The most important feature of athletic headbands are that they are non-slip. Nothing is worse than having a headband fall off mid-run or once you are a sweaty … Continue reading Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Sweaty Bands

Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Momentum Jewelry

One of the best things about SRTT is all the motivation, inspiration, and cheerleading we provide each other. We not only lift each other up and empower each other but truly help fellow members be better runners, mothers, friends, etc. It’s truly an amazing group! That’s the idea behind Momentum Jewelry, one of our Fall … Continue reading Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Momentum Jewelry