Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: ON Running

We’re happy to partner with both Fleet Feet (of Nashua, NH) and ON Running and announce that an ON Running shoe demo will be taking place at our 2019 SRTT Retreat! 

ON-BLOGNothing is worse than realizing the running sneakers you’ve been wearing are not working. With so many shoes on the market, it’s not an easy task to figure out which ones are the right fit for your feet. Unfortunately, choosing running shoes is not as simple as choosing your favorite color. There are many other deciding factors such as cushion, support, heel drop, etc. Sound  complicated? It’s not when you head over to your local running store and get expert advice and get to try on hundreds of running shoes!

Testing shoes is the best way to find out if they’ll work for you. Many of the local running stores offer the ability to test your shoes outside or on a treadmill. Even better is when a shoe company does a shoe demo allowing you to test out their sneakers for a run and an expert from the brand is there to answer questions and aid in choosing the right model from their company. 


Fleet Feet offers running sneakers but also accessories and nutrition/fueling options. If you’re local to the area, check out their weekly group runs, training programs (from beginner 5k to marathon), and special events and programs (shoe demos, yoga nights, winter warriors, etc). 

ON is a relatively new company to the running scene and was founded in 2010 in Switzerland by three friends who have both athletic and engineering backgrounds. They took the concept of “running on clouds” and built a shoe that offers “soft landings and explosive takeoffs.” ON sneakers use Cloudtec and Speedboard technology.

Cloudtech technology refers to the cloud-like outer sole of the shoe. If you take a look at the sole of any ON running sneakers, you’ll see it doesn’t quite look like most others.  Instead of normal treads, the bottom uses what looks like loops or tubes. These help ensure a responsive feel through the entire gait while running and also offer the proper support for a natural foot strike and almost barefoot like take off. ON also offers apparel and “day wear” shoes and just launched some new hiking boots! 

We can’t wait to try them out at the retreat and experience running on clouds! Can’t wait until then? Head over to Fleet Feet or the ON website to try them out for yourself!


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