Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Wicked Protein Bars

Are you looking for a wicked good post-run snack that will help your muscles recuperate faster? Then you want to reach for a delicious and healthy WICKED Protein Bar! (See what I did there?) Let’s explain why.

wicked 1

Whether you are a beginner, somewhere in the middle, or a seasoned pro, every runner should know there are two things essential to the endurance athlete’s nutrition habits – carbohydrates and protein.  Carbs are typically for pre-workout and during your workout or race while protein intake is important for post-workout. After your run, protein will help accelerate muscle recovery including the rebuilding of muscle fibers that were broken down during your run.

The hard truth is many runners don’t always have time for whole foods or even a whole meal post workout, so it’s important to have an arsenal of quick snacks that you can reach for. Especially if you’re getting in your run in-between errands, after work but before dinner, or any other time when it’s not convenient to eat a meal right after.

WICKED Protein Bars/All in Nutrition, LLC was founded by Josh Eichel, an Amherst, NH native, out of necessity. He was looking for a truly healthy bar he could eat post-workout that made him feel good. It needed to be made of real ingredients and have a substantial amount of protein, but easy on the sugar. That’s when he decided to try and make his own. Collaborating with a dietician and a food scientist, he came up with the perfect bar and decided to start the company All In Nutrition, LLC. so he could sell his WICKED Protein Bars to those athletes looking for the same thing. 

WICKED Protein Bars have more protein, less sugar, and fewer calories than the leading snack protein bar. They are also gluten and GMO free and contain no artificial ingredients but use natural and clean label ingredients instead. They currently come in three flavors: Maple, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Cayenne. You can purchase them online at or locally at Market Basket, Roche Bros, Big Y, Donelan’s Market, and Dave’s Fresh Marketplace.

wicked 2

Are you a fan of WICKED Protein Bars? If you’re just hearing of them, what flavor do you want to try first?


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