Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Her Tribe Athletics

The most wonderful thing about SRTT NH is that we are a supportive group of women that not only offer someone to run with, but life advice, career guidance, parenting help, etc. Many women in the group have found their tribe, sometimes a smaller group, maybe 2, 3, or 10 others, but that tribe also extends to all members. All 4,000+ of us spread across the state of NH. Though we may only know some through posts and not yet in daily life, we’ve all connected with each other in numerous ways. Everyone is welcome whether a newbie or a seasoned ultra runner. Such an amazing thing!

The concept of supporting every woman mixed with the vision to provide affordable and comfortable workout clothing for them is how Her Tribe Athletics blossomed! SRTT NH’s own Meg Staples is the mastermind behind the awesome designs and sayings you’ll find on their tees and tanks. Going beyond just clothing, they also offer handsewn wet bags, fleece lined winter hats, and gaiters/buffs available in fun colors and fabrics, as well as non-slip headbands and a few other accessories. Don’t worry, you can also purchase shorts, capris, and leggings, all tested by Meg to ensure they fit and move properly and have enough pockets (but really, can you ever have enough?)!!


We’re happy to have Her Tribe Athletics as a sponsor for the 2019 SRTT NH Retreat and help create some of the swag. The 2018 retreat included an HTA  “I CAN DO HARD THINGS” tank and we’re looking forward to what the 2019 retreat will include!

Do you own any Her Tribe Athletics gear? What is your favorite item? Even if you don’t own any, browse the HTA website and let us know what  you’d buy!


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