Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Senita Athletics

“Can you ladies recommend shorts with pockets big enough for my fuel and phone?”
“Is there such a thing as a nursing sports bra?”
“I need new running clothing, but my budget is tight. What are your favorite affordable brands?”
“Does anybody make a sports bra with a pocket? #sportsbrasquad #summerrunning”

These are all questions that could (and have) been asked in some way in the SRTT NH private Facebook group. The amazing thing is that with over 4,400 members (did you know we’re THAT big?) there are plenty of women ready to offer recommendations. It’s a great way to learn about new companies and products you may have not heard of otherwise. Nobody understands women, quite like other women. That’s part of why our SRTT NH group is so amazing. It’s also why awesome things can happen when two sisters run with the idea to launch an affordable activewear line!


Senita Athletics is returning as a 2019 SRTT NH Run Retreat Sponsor and we couldn’t be happier! This women owned business started in 2015. They were active Moms looking to get back into shape postpartum and couldn’t find quality running clothing that fit into their budget. Instead of giving in to what was in stores, they decided to make their own clothing line instead. Being athletes their whole lives, they knew what they were looking for and were determined to create it and offer it to women everywhere. They created Senita Athletics and are known for offering functional, quality athletic apparel that is affordable – and has pockets! They’ve expanded over the years and even offer nursing sports bras and a new maternity line.


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