Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: JAMMS Hats

We’re happy to announce that JAMMS Hats is a returning sponsor for our 2019 SRTT NH Run Retreat! If you spend time with SRTT NH runners in the Winter, you’ll see many of the beautiful designs that JAMMS has to offer. Hats are essential in Winter (okay and sometimes even essential in Fall and early … Continue reading Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: JAMMS Hats


Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Senita Athletics

“Can you ladies recommend shorts with pockets big enough for my fuel and phone?” “Is there such a thing as a nursing sports bra?” “I need new running clothing, but my budget is tight. What are your favorite affordable brands?” “Does anybody make a sports bra with a pocket? #sportsbrasquad #summerrunning” These are all questions … Continue reading Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Senita Athletics