Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Defunkify

You’re out on a run, it’s warm out but you’re not running that hard. You start to smell something bad but chalk it up to the trash barrel on the side of the road. Another mile in and the smell is worse. OH. GOD. It hits you – the smell is coming from YOU! You think back to your pre-run routine….got up, got dressed, put deodorant on, hit the bathroom, then headed out the door. It’s then you realize the stink is lingering BO and sweat even though you obviously washed your shirt after your last run. Thank goodness you are running alone! But how to get rid of it?

Well, if you’re looking to wash the funk out of your activewear, Defunkify is what you need! It’s an active wash laundry detergent that uses “green chemistry” and is guaranteed to get your clothes clean and de-funked. It won’t just cover up the smell! This detergent is approved as an EPA safer choice product as it contains ingredients that leave a more positive impact on human health and the environment compared to conventional detergents. It does NOT contain fragrances nor potentially harmful chemicals found in many other brands.

defunkify ingredients

Want to try it? Order it online at *HINT* check the SRTTNH Discounts file in the FB group for an exclusive Defunkify DISCOUNT CODE!* “You can also head to your favorite running store (locally we’ve seen it in Nashua and Bedford!), or shop on!”


Give your activewear a few washes with Defunkify before you make your decision on if it works. It takes time to get out the old lingering stink and the residue that your previous detergent may have left behind. Defunkify recommends using the “ultimate soak” method, especially the first time. There’s a couple ways to do it – option 1) soak your activewear for at least 1 hour in water and Defunkify in a sink, bathtub, or a top loading washer (before running the load like normal); option 2) for front loading washers: add the powder directly to the tub instead of the dispenser and use warm or hot water, once the wash cycle has started and the detergent has been dispersed, pause the washer. Let it soak for 1 hour before un-pausing and continuing the rest of the wash cycle.  After an ultimate soak (and a couple regular washes depending on the amount of stink) all the funk should be gone!

They also have a Stain Remover (mud stains on compression socks anyone?) and Shoe & Gear Deodorizer (perfect for those post run/race/workout/gym sessions where you change outfits and throw your sweaty clothes in a bag!).

We’re so thankful that Defunkify is sponsoring our 2019 SRTT NH Run Retreat this Fall and are excited to have every retreat attendee take some home to try!

Have you tried Defunkify? What other laundry tips and secrets do you have for getting the FUNK OUT of your running clothes and activewear?


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