Hugh Holt Memorial 5 Miler | Race Recap

IMG_6646Race Location: Raymond NH

Race Date: 7/8/18

Race Managed/Timed By: 3C Race Productions

Proceeds to Benefit (if any): Scholarships for children in the summer program in town.

Organization of Bib Pick Up: Bib pick up is in the lobby of the middle school. I arrived about 5 minutes before the race started, grabbed my bib and shirt, and was ready to go.

Organization of Race: This race is tiny! There were about 45 people there this year. The timing and organization is very low key, but it works since it’s so small. There is no starting arch or anything, but a little S spray painted on the ground in front of the school. There are water stops every mile (yay!) where the volunteers also yell out the time on the clock. One weird thing is some times the water stop is randomly on the other side of the road. Timing is done manually, so there are no chips on bibs.

Course Description: The first mile or 1.5 is pretty flat. Then it’s rolling hills for the whole rest of the way. Some of them are kind of big, but most aren’t too long. It’s doable!

Since the course is not posted online, here is the turn-by-turn:

  1. Start at Iber Holmes Gove Middle School.
  2. Right out of the school onto Epping St.
  3. Left onto Church St.
  4. Right onto Main St.
  5. Left onto Old Manchester Rd.
  6. Left onto Batchelder Rd.
  7. Left onto Old Fremont Rd.
  8. Left onto Main St.
  9. Finish on Main St. at the commons about .25 from the start

Spectators/Energy: This race is during the Raymond town fair, so there are some spectators on the common that you pass during the first mile and at the finish. The rest of the race is through back roads and is pretty quiet.

Swag: Cotton t-shirts for the first 60 runners. Since it’s so small everyone got a shirt.

After Party: Water, sports drink, some fruit and snacks on the common.

Other Thoughts/Comments: I’m not really sure why this race is so small. Raymond is in a great location between the seacoast and Manchester and everyone is always looking for 5 milers and 10Ks! A lot of the runners (out of the 43) are actually pretty fast. I ran a 10:30 average pace and I finished 34/43. There is no reason all those normal people runners shouldn’t come out and enjoy this loop! It’s also extremely cheap at only $20.

See you out there next year!

~Jessie A.


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