Martha’s Vineyard Marathon | Race Recap


Race Location: Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Race Date: May 19, 2018

Race Managed/Timed By: USA Endurance

Organization of Bib Pick Up: At our time of bib pick up, which was the middle of the allotted time frame, there was only one person working the table. They had numbers for you to line up at according to your bib number placed on a list, but it didn’t matter because there was only one person at the table. They had you sign a second waiver as well. Not sure why (I know shame on me for not reading it) because we already signed a waiver when we registered for the event. They did add an additional same day bib pick up, but I heard scuttle that it was also unorganized and they gave out incorrect information.

Organization of Race: Awful. They had conflicting information on their website in different places. They only advertised for pacing up to 4:30 for the marathon, but had additional pacers available (ultimately I was pleased to see the addition, but it would’ve been nice to know about in the first place). Mile markers were moved, mile markers were also stolen, the final water stop was unmanned when many of the “slower” racers went through, there were nearly no bikers for first aid support and a portion of the course that had been promised to be paved by race day was not, resulting in running on dirt road.

Course Description: Miles 1-15 were bike path around a state conservation area. With two exceptions (one being a very pretty farm and the other being an airport) there was only short trees with little variation to look at. Miles 16-20 were around a marshy area which was pretty in some spots and had beautiful large houses to view. Miles 21-24 were through town with lots of turns, sidewalks where you contended with cars entering and exiting businesses along the route (you had to run on the sidewalk because the roads were too narrow to run with the cars). Miles 24-26 were mostly ocean views and crossed two bridges (one of which was the “infamous jaws bridge” but having crossed it, I still don’t know which one that was. The finish takes you through a field where you’re concentrating on your footing so you don’t trip or roll an ankle before the finish.

Spectators/Energy: None. Literally none. There was one family out cheering around mile 15 and that was it with the exception of the family members of those running who make the ferry trek out to the island to support their loved ones.

Swag: Decent. A tech t-shirt, a cute print buff and a cross shoulder bag and the finisher medal is cool.

After Party: None. After paying over $100 you cross the finish line and get a choice of bottled water, Gatorade and a banana. That’s it.

Other Thoughts/Comments: Unless they put some serious thought into making this race itself better (the island dwellers aren’t going to participate and make the race spectacular) then they should not continue to hold this race. Martha’s Vineyard is pretty, we enjoyed our time there, but we enjoyed it because of each other, not because of the island. The course is just meh, and they should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of after race food, amenities and the such. Also of note, many of the shops/restaurants weren’t open yet to enjoy either.

~ Nicole G.


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