Big Lake Half Marathon | Race Recap


Race Location: Alton, NH

Race Date: 5/19/18

Race Managed/Timed By: Loco Races

Organization of Bib Pick Up: Organized bib pick up, separate line for shirts.

Organization of Race: I thought the race itself was well organized, there were plenty of signs and volunteers at any corner. There could have been a few more signs around the registration/start line area because I mostly relied on the people calling directions out.

Course Description: Hilly. Hilly. Hilly. Beautiful scenery, flat first few miles before an approximately 2 mile climb up towards the parking lot for Mt Major in Alton before coming down through rolling neighborhoods from miles 7-10. Last few miles back down Route 11 towards Alton Bay.

Spectators/Energy: The stretch on Route 11 was a little quiet, the water stop had a lot of energy which helped. Some spectators were out in the neighborhoods and at big intersections. Lots of spectators at the end as you ended at Shibley’s on the Pier in Alton.

Swag: Technical t-shirt and a medal.

After Party: I have heard it’s good, pizza, beer, and ice cream but I personally didn’t try it.

Other Thoughts/Comments:: Train on hills! Its beautiful (and hey now its my PR so I guess you could say its a PR-able course)

~ Danielle F.



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