Shipyard Maine Coast Half Marathon | Race Recap


Race Location: Biddeford, ME

Race Date: 5/12/18

Race Managed/Timed By: Racewire

Organization of Bib Pick Up: Bib pickup was Friday night from 4-8 p.m., and before the race. I thought it was well organized. They checked my ID, so are serious about bib pickup. You could also get your ID checked for a beer bracelet at that time instead of having to carry your license.

Organization of Race: The race was well organized. There was plenty of parking, and there were potties at the starting point. They also had water at the start. We started in waves every 3 minutes. For the first 1.5 mile runners were tightly packed on the side of the road since it was still open to traffic. Almost all of the roads were open to traffic & cars weren’t too aggressive. There was water & Gatoraid every 2 miles or so. There were port-o-potties along the route as well. The race seemed to be capped at 1200 runners & sold out weeks before the race.

Course Description: The course is gorgeous! The views over the water and the beach houses. There were rolling hills throughout the course. The course was in a Y shape with out & back stretches. The out & back was nice because spectators didn’t have to go far to see runners multiple times.

Spectators/Energy: Volunteers were so friendly, as were other runners. There were stretches with few spectators, but from what I recall, at the beginning, end, and at an intersection for miles 7 & 11.25 there was an energetic crowd. shipyard_medalimg_8094.jpg

Swag: The metal is so cool! You could pay more at registration for the shirt, but I didn’t. At the end each person got a reusable water bottle full of water

After Party: Nice party afterwards. Runners got 2 beer tickets & 1 ice cream ticket (I’d rather more ice cream!). There was music & snacks & places to sit. Although when I finished, at 2h 20min, many vendors had packed up & by 3h 20min when my cousins finished there was very little of the snacks & no vendors left.

Other Thoughts/Comments: This was a fast field of runners! I finished in 2:20, which didn’t feel so slow, but I was finished 1051 out of 1209.

~ Erin M.


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