Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: Thorlos

Thorlos is sending us socks for our retreat participants! Not only are they comfy, but the come in some fun colors and they are made right here in the USA. They aim to be the “caretakers of the world’s feet.”

They currently have a Kickstarter campaign to make an even lighter sock that also prevents blisters or chafing. You can check it out here:…/new-experia-prolite-your-fast…


Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: JAMMS Hats

I know we are hurtling towards summer, but the lovely Jen Wagner from JAMMS hats donated a running hat to be raffled off at our retreat! And let’s face it, we do live in New England and a winter running hat is a must. When I contacted her, she expressed that she knew what big fans our group is of her hats (they’re everywhere!).

jamms hat

Don’t have one yet? Her hats can be found at the Millenium Running store or at her Etsy shop:

Retreat Sponsor Spotlight: NAAWK

It’s time to reveal our next retreat sponsor! Read this post for an exclusive coupon code!


NAAWK is a company that sells skin protection of all varieties. Their line includes lip balms, sunscreens, and more! They value sun care products that get back to the basics, with ingredients people will actually recognize.

Lip-Balm-Combo-Coconut_-Gtea_-OrangeZest_-Pomegranate_-MtnAir_MASTER_grande (1)

They have generously donated items for each swag bag plus an awesome box of goodies to be raffled off! Finally, they have given us a coupon code of SRTTNH for 20% off your first order. Let’s use this opportunity to show one of our sponsors some love!

TravelVarietyPack_440x (1)

Cheap! Marathon | Race Recap

30261510_1166446186825683_6223767113551577088_nRace Name: Cheap! Marathon

Race Location: Salisbury Beach State Park, Salisbury MA

Race Date: 4/8/2018

Race Managed/Timed By: Green Stride

Organization of Bib Pick Up:

Heidi B: Bib pickup was to be held during a 4-hour block at the Jack Rabbit running store in Newburyport, MA. They did allow for friends/family to pick up bibs for you. There was no race-day bib pickup offered, but they did have them there for those that weren’t able to get there on Saturday.

Organization of Race:

Heidi B: Race day seemed really organized. there was plenty of parking and the start area was clearly identified. The website and pre-race communications were lacking a little bit, but for a cheap race, I didn’t expect much. We had to wander a little to find the bathrooms, but that was the only hitch. Everything else was fine.

Shannon B: Scattered for the volunteers, so I heard. But I thought the actual race was well organized. The course was easy to follow, water stations were set up and organized.

Course Description:

Heidi B: The course was six loops inside the state park reservation. Each loop was just under 4.4 miles. It was completely flat (I think a +/- 10 foot gain). There were 3 fuel stops that had Gatorade and water, which you passed 6 times, so a total of 18 water stops!

It was open to the elements, so the wind did bite a little. Also, there is no shade. It was a cool day, so the sun felt great, but if it were a warmer day, that sun may cause issues.

Also, you do pass through the finish each time, so you get music and the awesome “rasta” DJ announcer each time. Fun fact… I got to see the winner cross the finish as I completed my 3rd lap when he finished his entire race! That was pretty cool.


Heidi B: The best part about the looped course is that spectators could park themselves in one spot and cheer all morning long… as many of our SRTT tribe did!!

Shannon B: Because there were loops, there was lots of cheering and spectators. It was my first, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I felt like people cheered for me every time I came around.


Heidi B: No swag was given with your registration, which ranged from $26.10 to $35 depending on when you signed up. They had the option to add on a tech shirt and/or a hat during registration for an additional cost. Finishers received a ribbon vs. a medal.

Shannon B: “I ran 26.2 miles and all I got was this lousy ribbon”! LOL! I bought a t-shirt.

After Party: Brunch at the Blue Ocean for an addtional cost.

Other Thoughts/Comments:

Heidi B: I really enjoyed this race. It was cheap and fun. Having a “home base” to drop your stuff and re-fuel was amazing so you didn’t have to carry all your fuel with you. Super easy for spectators too. Green Stride really does do a great job. Training for this race was difficult through the winter though. Just keep that in mind when considering an early spring race 🙂

Shannon B: Really enjoyed the loops. Loved that I knew where my support and water stops would be and what to expect. The flat nature of the course was tough in some ways as there was no break. The same muscles used the entire time. I look forward to trying Manchester City in the fall and comparing flat to hilly.

~Heidi B. & Shannon B.

Nashua Soup Kitchen 5K/10K | Race Recap

49171860Race Name: Nashua Soup Kitchen 5K & 10K

Race Location: Nashua, NH

Race Date: 4/8/18

Race Managed/Timed By: Granite State Race Services

Proceeds to Benefit (if any): Nashua Soup Kitchen

Organization of Bib Pick Up: The day before the race bib pick up was available at Fleet Feet in Nashua from 10am – 2pm. Bibs could also be picked up from 11am – 12:30pm day of.

Organization of Race: Bib pick up and shirt pick up was easy. The race does have a later start time of 1pm. They waited to close the road to traffic until just before the race began, however there was lots of space to hang out before the race. Plenty of volunteers at intersections with one water stop on the 5K and 2 additional stops on the 10K route. Course was not closed to traffic. They also had some kid dash events.

Course Description: Mostly residential neighborhoods, with about a mile stretch on Main St., most of which had sidewalks. There were some rolling hills, but nothing drastic. The 5K and 10K all start together and complete the first 3 miles on the same course and then the 10K turns off to complete a second loop, which was different from the first. Overall, a very enjoyable course.

Spectators/Energy: The majority of spectators stayed near the start area, which the 10K runners pass by at the half way point, so that was a great pick up!

Swag:: Technical T shirt

After Party: Some vendors with food. Pretty low key.

~ Carly M.

Nashua Soup Kitchen finish
Photo credit Carly M.