SRTT-NH Olympics!

Participation in the first week of the SRTT-NH Olympics has been AMAZING! From Opening Ceremony group runs, to country-related social events, to very creative ways to show country support, it is clear that this friendly competition is keeping many of you motivated to keep moving this month!

If you aren’t part of your town/regional team, it is not too late and participation is easy! Just log your points each day (or nearly every day) through your team’s Facebook event (links below). Earn one point for every mile run or walked, one point for a cross-training session, and one point for supporting your team’s country while working out! For example, one hour of yoga while wearing your country’s colors would earn two (2) points, while a five mile run while wearing your country’s colors would earn six (6) points.

At last count (Feb. 14) the standings were as follows:27972264_10100906350304023_8832670881142166459_n

Keep it up ladies! Links to the town/region teams/events are below!

Auburn Area
Lakes Region
Massachusetts Area

If you’d like to share any SRTT-NH Olympic photos here, please email them to

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