Get to Know Sharon |The Founder of Our Chapter

Sharon (right) with her sister after a run on the beach.
Sharon (right) with her sister after a run on the beach.


1. What is your role in GMMRTT and what does it mean for our group?
I started this group in 2013 really to help motivate myself to become a runner and carve out me-time from mommy-hood.  As I found my own balance and embraced running, my goal became to help support and motivate other new moms to find success on the same journey.  I would comment on every single post to make sure everyone felt supported.  We’ve grown so big and have so many great members, that for better or worse, I have left the supporting role to others in the group.  My role now is to make sure this group continues to a be a safe, supportive and positive place for women.   This includes background checking all new join requests and reviewing posts for content and kicking myself when I miss something!

2. How has being a Chapter Leader for GMMRTT impacted your life?
I’m constantly amazed by what we’ve created and all the amazing women who have joined this group.  This group constantly reminds me how important community is and how wonderful the bond of running is.  I also stay up much too late reading posts!

3. Share WHY you run. What do you love about it?
I love to run because as a kid I was completely nonathletic and self-conscious about it, I want my kids to embrace an active lifestyle so that they can decide what they want to participate in and not have it decided for them.  I love to run because I can run, it’s my time, quiet time or social time, whatever I need it to be that day.

4. Describe your proudest running moment. 
My proudest running moment would be finishing my first 5K, I hit the wall after crossing the finish line, I couldn’t even walk but I had finished it and done something I never ever expected to be able to do.

5. What is your favorite distance or race to run?

 I love to run 10 miles.  Although I love to work on my speed, I don’t really care much about racing.

6. Where is your favorite running spot?
York, Maine  Long Sands Beach to the Nubble lighthouse

7. When you get the runchies what do you grab first?
Ice cream

8. What is the craziest, wildest or strangest thing that ever happened during a run?
Sorry to turn serious but that would be running from the Boston Marathon finish line (as a spectator) to my office to find people looking for me because they knew where I was and the bombs had gone off sometime during my 2 mile run back but I had no idea why they were so upset.

9. If you could go for a run with one person, who would it be, and why?
 My husband, we joke around like kids and then a hill will come and I take off to beat him up it even though I know he’ll do the same on the downhill.  We have fun and race each other constantly.

10. What’s one running accessory you can’t leave home without?
My headband and sunglasses

11. What is your current running goal or area you’d like to improve on?
I’m trying to get back to running 8-10 miles “easily”

12. What do you do for work?
I lead a companion diagnostics department at a pharmaceutical company.

13. Do you have any kids? If yes, how many, what are their ages and what is your favorite thing to do with them?
I have two girls, 4 and 7.  We love to read together, do puzzles and run of course!

14. Besides running and working out, what do you love to do?
I love to read and go boating.

15. What’s your favorite vacation spot?
Maui in the winter, the Maine coast in the summer.
16. When life and/or the run gets tough, what’s your go to mantra?
I’ve got this!

2 thoughts on “Get to Know Sharon |The Founder of Our Chapter

  1. Indeed you do “got this.” Sharon, you are one of the most go-get-em people I know – A true inspiration. Thank you for starting this group and for sharing your passion!


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