What’s on our members’ wish lists?

As Runners we all have a wish list a mile long of all of the running things we’d like to buy or try out! Races to run, gear to buy, accessories to add to our piles… the list goes on because we love running and we want to immerse ourselves in everything about it! It’s always fun to see what people put on their wish list in hopes to be given something to support their love of running and staying fit.  Let’s take a look at what some of our members are hoping for this Holiday Season!

  1. Gift cards to local running stores or race companies
  2. SparkleSkirt
  3. Headlamps/Light Belts
  4. Hydration Belts
  5. Garmin watches of all kinds!
  6. Cold weather/rain vests and jackets
  7. FlipBelt
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Bosu Ball
  10. Smartwool socks
  11. Winter running clothes- lined pants. night time visibility shirts, dry wick clothing
  12. Running shoes!
  13. Bras to hold the girls down
  14. Yak Tracks
  15. Snow Shoes
  16. Headbands
  17. Road bike for Tri training
  18. Thorlo socks
  19. Iphone watch
  20. nips/tucks and breast reductions 😉

There are so many products out there that runners swear by! What do you love and what would you recommend people add to their lists?


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