Hinckley Allen Manchester Mile & 5k

Race Name: Hinckley Allen Manchester Mile & 5K

Race Location: Derryfield Park, Manchester

Race Date: July 3, 2015

Race Managed/Timed By: Millennium Running


Organization of Bib Pick Up & Race: Bib pickup was the day of the race, while I am typically not a fan of this, this one ran smoothly and there were no lines. The only downside with a same day pickup is if there is schwag, you need a spot to put it. I did see some runners who put on their tee shirts and others who tied it to their body somehow.


Course Description for the 5k Race: The 5k start was right on Bridge St going down (heading west). It’s a pretty quick first mile as it is mostly downhill, you most certainly will be surprised when your GPS beeps and alerts you of your pace. About a ½ mile in you take a right onto Hall, which is pretty flat and is also home to many amazing Manchester residents who leave their sprinklers going and their hoses on for you. This part is a highlight to many as this race traditionally hot and humid. At almost 1 Mile you take a left onto Sagamore for a brief minute then followed by a right onto Belmont. At this point you are starting to feel the heat, the humidity, and if this isn’t your first time running this course you know what lies ahead. I always notice after about a mile into any race the crowd thins out, you have more room to move, navigate, and avoid the infamous Manchester potholes and this race was no exception. A little over a mile and a half is the water stop, which was jammed packed, I avoided the water even though I had horrible cotton mouth, I only drink if absolutely necessary as the water tends to slow me down and give me a cramp. At the same area of the water stop is the turn UP Reservoir, and for those who don’t know where Reservoir is, it’s the backside of the Derryfield Park. It’s a daunting hill that seems to go on forever, I struggled with the hill last year, and I struggled with it this year. Thankfully, Crystal G. came along and got my ass in gear. Once you get around the bend at Reservoir Dr. there are spectators cheering you on; this gave me the push to finish strong up that hill. You finish mile 2 by running through the Derryfield back parking lot and then take a right onto Bridge St. The last mile is ¾ downhill on Bridge St, and man it felt good, I knew the hard part was over and I needed to gain momentum to make up for time I lost climbing the hill. You can start to see the finish line a little more than a ¼ mile out and all the fans are there cheering, the finish was a little past Union St and the post race was held in the park right there. I didn’t stop to enjoy any of the post race goodies as I had a bus to catch to get back to the top to run the Manchester Mile.


Course Description for the 1 Mile Race: The 1 Mile race started and ended on Bridge St. The start line was the same start line as the 5k and the finish was the same finish as the 5k.  After the 5k, runners were given the option to walk up Bridge St to the start line, or to take the shuttle buses. I, along with many other GMMRTTers, opted for the bus. We all ran into each in line and chatted about our finishing time, most of us walked away with a PR or a course PR so all were happy and excited to try and PR for the mile. The mile race did not disappoint! It is very fast and my body was personally going quicker than it ever had before. I hoped and prayed I didn’t go ass over tea kettle. I also thought that about all the little kids who were flying by me. I never heard if the record was broken, my guess is the fastest mile record still stands, but my recorded was broken by 45secs and I couldn’t have been happier. I would do both races again.


Swag: American Flag Tee shirts, which I think might be the best Millennium tee yet. The 10 Miler and the 2015 Fat Tuesday tee come pretty close.

-Alexandria H.


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