Great Bay Half Marathon | Race Recap

Race Location: Newmarket, NH
Date: Sunday April 12, 2015
Managed by: Loco Sports
Race Timed by: B-Tag  Timed by Loco Sports
Organization:  Loco Sports. Sponsored by Exeter Hospital
The Course:  

The course is challenging but beautiful as it winds its way along a designated scenic road. The race is large enough to close down the entire downtown for a spectacular finish with thousands of cheering fans. Over the past years over 8,500 runners have completed this course with its roller coaster hills, great downtown finish and simply spectacular back roads. 



Purple long sleeve tech shirt for women (navy for men) and a finishers medal! I was pretty intimidated when I saw the back of this shirt while we were waiting for the shuttle. But we did conquer it!!


After Party:
We didn’t have a chance to enjoy the free beer but it was offered at a couple of places downtown. We did enjoy free pizza, yogurt, Hint water, homemade breads and baked goods. Did I mention they were also giving away free bags of rolls, homemade loaves bread and sheet cakes to take home? Some of us went “grocery shopping” and came home with armfuls of food.  Honestly the food offerings were one of the best I’ve seen. I finished near the end and there was plenty of food left and partying taking place.

Other comments/thoughts:
From the moment we hit downtown Newmarket we knew this race was going to be awesome. The energy downtown by runners, spectators and Loco was exciting. I had never been to Newmarket and it had a great small New England town feel. The entertainment on the course kept the excitement flowing .  It ranged from locals playing music and having a party with friends to hula-hooping-roller blading-fiddle playing men and belly dancers. The fun never ended. The course was tough but absolutely beautiful! We traveled on city streets and dirt roads with bicycle support the entire way. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this race. The organization of the race, the entertainment and community support made this one of the most memorable races I have run.
-Alicia W.

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