April Fool’s 4 Mile Road Race |Race Recap

Where: The Winner’s Circle Running Club
When: 3/28/15
Managed by: Loco Running
Professionally timed by: Lightbox
Proceeds to benefit: The American Red Cross and The Alzheimers Association
Part of the Will Run For Beer Series and the Speed Series 4-3-2-1
This race was my third in the Will Run For Beer series, and my first ever 4 miler (hooray for automatic PR’s!). I was interested to find out that it is part of a long standing running club, and this was it’s 34th year. It’s flat course attracts some top runners. And the record holder happens to be our own John Mortimer, who ran it in 18:33!!
April Fool's it's snowing!
April Fool’s it’s snowing!
We received emails with race details prior to the race. The parking was free and ample, but with a slight walk. There was bib pick up both the night before and morning of. My group opted for race day bib pick up, since we had the drive from NH. Bib pick up was inside the Winner’s Circle Running Club. We were happy it was inside because once again it was a cold, snowy day. The space was a bit cramped and confusing but we found our way through it and got to use indoor bathrooms. I was intrigued by a running club having it’s own headquarters, with a bar no less. I hope Millennium has something similar in the works. πŸ˜‰ We did have to walk across the street to the race start, which we grumbled about just because of the yucky weather.
My favorite race buddy and fellow MRTTer Donna S. and I ready to run
My favorite race buddy and fellow MRTTer Donna S. and I ready to run
Runners got to choose a tech hat or shirt. I opted for the hat and also got a tech shirt from a previous year. In addition we got bags of goodies. Chips, Luna bars, coupons, trail mix, and my personal favorite was a sample of bio freeze. There was an awards ceremony after the race for top finishers who received cash, age group winners who received medals, as well as a raffle. Some lucky people were randomly picked to receive various goodies. At one point they asked any runners named Mary to raise their hand and I was rewarded with a gift card to a Newburyport restaurant. πŸ™‚
The swag
The swag
The course:
I for one was beyond unhappy to be running yet another race in the snow. But the DJ at the starting line had us laughing about it being a “warm snow” and a good April Fool’s joke. And once we got going I didn’t mind it much at all, even got a kick out of it, which is typical of me. The course was basically running through neighborhoods. Nothing picturesque. But it was nice and flat, a bit downward sloping, and productive to fast running, even in the unpleasant weather. Lots of volunteers directing the way and 2 water stops. When we finished there was lots of good food – pizza, bagels, cookies, fruit, and crackers. There was a truck which read our timing chips and gave us our times immediately. Later that day they were emailed to us as well.
The After Party:
The after party was back at the running club. We got our free beers and were very pleasantly surprised to see the race being replayed on TVs throughout the bar. The awards ceremony was especially fun, plenty of laughter. All in all a good time.
After party at the running club
After party at the running club
This is definitely a race I will want to do again, and would recommend. I went into it with a goal time of 34 minutes and was thrilled to do it in 32:05. Ended up being a great day, snow or not. But I would rather not run any more races in the snow this year!
-Mary Beth S.

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