Meet Our Mother Runners | Tracey C

Name: Tracey C

How many kids or furbabies you have: Two daughters- ages 3 and 8 months and two furbaby sons- ages 14 and 8

Location: Live in Nashua, grew up in Holderness by Squam Lake

1 thing you love you about our MRTT chapter: The inspiration all the members continue to give daily to keep me motivated!


1. When did you start running consistently? In 2012 after having my first daughter.  I looked in the mirror one day and decided it was time to take my mind and body back. 
What prompted you to start?  I wanted to lose the baby weight, get healthy and once I started I realized what a wonder it did for the mental health too!

2. Where is your favorite place to run/workout? I love running on the coast of Maine, in the city of Boston and around Squam Lake in NH.  I am inspired by the views. The day to day I love running in Mine Falls.

3. Do you have a favorite race? Most memorable run was being part of the One Run for Boston in 2013. Favorite race so far, I loved the Market Square 10K in Portsmouth What is on your bucket list? The Boston Marathon–shooting for 2016

4. What is your current running/fitness goal? Training for the Run to Remember in Boston and trying to get fit again after having my second daughter.

Free Choice Questions:
What is your go to pump you up song? Turn all the Lights on – T.Pain or Know your Enemy- Rage Against the Machine

If you could run any race in the world, regardless of price or 
logistics, what would you run? The Paris Marathon—I can’t even imagine what you would see on that course!


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