Meet Our Mother Runners | Mikaela Y

Name: Mikaela Y

How many kids or furbabies you have: I have three daughters… Madison 18, Meaghan is almost 16 and Mikenna is 11

Location: Amherst

One thing you love you about our MRTT chapter: the constant encouragement. Whether it is someone posting that they ran 1 mile or 20… Everyone likes it, cheers you on and makes you feel great about your run!


  1. When did you start running consistently? In 2010. What prompted you to start? I signed up for Cigna 5k and decided to sign up as a challenge to get back in shape.

  2. Where is your favorite place to run/workout? I love finding new routes in Amherst. But honestly I love any area that I run… Especially when it is with friends!

  3. Do you have a favorite race? If not, what is on your bucket list? I love Run to Remember in Boston. It was my first half marathon that I ran…and now I am hooked! The Big Sur Marathon and Boston Marathon are on my bucket list!

  4. What is your current running/fitness goal? I am training for my first full marathon, Wineglass Marathon in October and 4 weeks after I am running the NYC Marathon!

  5. What motivational quote or motto keeps you working hard?


Free Choice Questions:

Why do you run? I run to clear my head and to stay focused! Being a single mom, working 60-80 hours a week between my office job and bartending plus running my very active girls to all of their sports and activities makes my life hectic. I still manage the time to squeeze in a run several times a week whether it is at 5am, a lunch break or 7pm. There are plenty of times I have ran a half marathon and headed right to work immediately after… My feeling is that it is easier to find time to run than it is to make excuses.

Who do you love to run with? I love our Sunday Rundays! There’s a great group of us that try to meet up every Sunday no matter the weather and run… We have had to be creative around schedules and weather but it is always a lot of laughs through the miles! The best part is that we talk or text now every day from something our kids did to trying to decide on outfits for a race that is three weeks away! We have become each other’s greatest cheerleaders and therapists too.

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One thought on “Meet Our Mother Runners | Mikaela Y

  1. Way to go! I don’t know how you fit running into what seems to be a very busy schedule between work and the kids. Way to be an inspiration mama!


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