Run for the Boarder Half Marathon | Recap

Where: Rye, NH -Salisbury, MA

When: 3/29/15

Race Director: Don Allison

Professionally timed by:  Spitler Race Systems

Swag:  Technical Tee Shirt & Finishers Medal

The Course:

The Half Marathon course started by Wallis Sands State Park in Rye, NH and traveled down the seacoast to Salisbury, MA.    It was a beautiful, brisk day, sunny day with ideal racing conditions.  The police and volunteers at water stations were wonderful throughout the course and the scenery was beautiful offering up great ocean views and much opportunity to see many gorgeous houses, store and hotel fronts along the way.   Considering the harsh winter we had I was pleasantly surprised how smooth the road was for running.  The course was open to traffic, making it narrow in sections and a bit unnerving running with traffic instead of against it for the majority of the race.  I found that the road was also very cambered for a fair amount of the course which puts a lot of stress on the hips, knees and ankles.




Unfortunately, there were some negative aspects of this race.  I was a pacer for this event with Beast Pacing and upon arriving, the registration volunteers did not have our information or know there would be pacers for this race.  We were told that they would have this information and that we would not need to register for this event. There was no clear start line marked and when I asked one of the volunteers about it,  they joked with me and said “This is the race that no one knows what’s going on”.  The volunteer was very nice and we had a good chuckle about this but for the number of runners registered, I found this surprising. This would be a manually timed event with a gun time start.  Another negative was that  I didn’t see any bathroom facilities along the course, so I was extremely thankful I didn’t have to go!

There were also no clear mile markers which made it a challenge to properly pace this event.  Luckily my Garmin was spot on and I was able to finish within 20 seconds of my assigned pacer time of 2:30 (2:29:40 Phew!) but I was still unsure of how well my pacing was going until I finished.   Negative logistics aside,  I was very happy to have had the opportunity to pace at this event.   It was really nice meeting up with a few runners at the finish line who thanked me for encouraging them along the way and letting me know that I helped them beat their goal time.  I highly recommend that every runner try pacing at least once.  It is a wonderful way to give back to the running community and really makes you look at your speed which will definitely help your racing!   I hope that the other runners had a good experience!   It truly was a beautiful day!


The After Party:

The Ashworth Hotel in Hampton hosted the after party and awards ceremony for the half marathon. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the after party as I had to get home to pick up my kids, so is the life of a Mother Runner.

-Kristine D


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