Meet Our Mother Runners Monday | Heather S.

Name: Heather S

How many kids or furbabies you have: 2 – Jack, 2 and Anna, 1

Location: Amherst, NH

One thing you love you about our MRTT chapter: The amazing support that we get from one another



  1. When did you start running consistently? What prompted you to start? I’ve been running for years, but really started consistently training in 2012 because I signed up for my first marathon.
  2. Where is your favorite place to run/workout? Definitely outside and I love running in Amherst. It’s beautiful, there’s nature all around, and I’ve come to enjoy all the hills. I love a good outdoor circuit during my strength workouts in the warmer months.
  3. Do you have a favorite race? If not, what is on your bucket list? Tough question… I have a lot of favorite races, but I’d say Wallis Sands Half Marathon where I PR’d well before ever having babies and am now chasing down that goal again. Also, Chicago Marathon because I ran it while pregnant with my son and will never, ever forget it.

    Bucket list – 150% Boston

  4. What is your current running/fitness goal? to improve my overall pace and endurance as I train for Sugarloaf Marathon on 5/17
  5. What motivational quote or motto keeps you working hard?



Free Choice Questions:

Why do you run?

For so many reasons, but a big one is to stay sane! Also, the freedom I get from running and the feeling of being so alive when I run remind me anything is possible.

Who do you love to run with? 

I love to run with my neighbor and fellow MRTT member, Jillian P., because she will get up early and go any distance with me even though she is not currently training for anything. I also love to run with my husband because he always pushes me to go faster. And although they aren’t easy to push, I do love running with my two babies because I get to hear their giggles and know they are loving it just like Mommy!


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