Let Them Eat Cake {Happy Birthday GMMRTT!}

Happy Birthday card

I know what GMMRTT means to me but I wondered what did it mean to all the other ladies in the studio with me  that day?


Strong women who support one another. That’s who I was surrounded by at yesterday’s GMMRTT 2nd Birthday event. It felt amazing to get together with everyone and put faces with names in person. It was nice to be in an environment where you aren’t self-conscious and don’t feel judged, even when doing full on squats in the front of the group! The barre portion of the event made me miss Pilates and the strength and conditioning portion was eye-opening and reminded me the importance of stretching and getting back to basics. I’m so glad I took time out to attend!


Saturday we gathered at Diamond Fit Diva Studio, yoga mats in hand, to celebrate the two year anniversary of our chapter of Moms Run This Town. We did Barre, we foam rolled, we practiced our balance postures, we laughed. And we ate cake!! It was a great day. The best part of it was the company. I joined this club just over a year ago and I can truly say it’s changed my life. I’ve made some amazing friendships. But running friends are more than friends. They are our coaches, our cheerleaders, our inspiration, our sources of wisdom, and our favorite people to share peanut butter smoothies with. There is a special bond that exists between runners. And a very special bond that exists between moms who run.
I looked around that room yesterday and saw different people from different backgrounds and stages of life. Many of us would never have met without this group. I know some of our stories. The special needs mom, the pregnant mom, the hockey mom, the mom who’s transformed her life. The mom who’s training for the Boston Marathon. The mom who never thought she’d be a runner. We are all on this amazing journey. And the best part is that we are all in it together.
I think my favorite part of the day was when Ramon talked to us about running and said we all need to treat ourselves like athletes. Because we are. He said it doesn’t matter if you get up to run 20 miles or 3 miles. We are all doing something that is special. Getting up to run 3 miles isn’t common place because it’s an uncommon thing to do. Most people don’t do that! It really hit home to me when he said this because I’ve been in the running world long enough to forget, how special it is! So yay us!! We deserve some cake. I am so grateful to this club, and do grateful to Sharon for starting it. It is truly amazing how quickly we’ve grown and how much we’ve acheived. I can’t wait to see what the next 2 years bring. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring! Happy Birthday Greater Manchester NH MRTT!
birthday group

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