Race Recap | Skirtchaser 7k

Group Skirtchaser

Where:  Hanover Street, Manchester (in front of the Palace Theater)

When: March 7, 2015 at 10:30 am

Managed by: TI Event Services

Professionally timed by:  RaceWire

  • A portion of the proceeds for this event was donated to Easter Seals and to Maggie’s Beat.
  • This race is part of the TI Events Services “Wicked Cool Series


If Deb runs a 9 minute mile and “boy x” runs a 6 minute mile, how far can Deb run before “boy x” catches up?

This was the inaugural year for the Skirtchaser 7k managed by TI Event Services. In this race, “the women” got a 3 minute head start on “the men” thus the math problem above ran through my mind as I signed up. How far would I get? Honestly I don’t know the answer to that! I never did like math word problems! Do feel free to work it out for me! What I do know is that this race was a lot of fun! As my legs carried me through the course I wondered, where would that first man pass me? When he did, I thought: “my running sister in the front it’s all you now”!

 The Walkers


This theme and the 7k distance really was refreshing and everyone I talked to post run really enjoyed it. Chill Spa was providing free glitter tattoos upstairs at TI Fitness before the race where bibs were also available for pickup if you hadn’t made it to Runner’s Alley the evening before. I wish I had made it up there for a tattoo! The course was well marked, clear and there was at least one volunteer stationed at each intersection. Any time I felt like I would let up, a volunteer was cheering. Hey, I can’t let down a random stranger who is cheering! The race had an intimate feel with a smaller number of runners participating. I also felt like the participants were true running enthusiasts and all runners seemed very friendly to one another. Bibs had the Skirtchaser logo on them and timing chips were attached. I did later realize that I had to add three minutes on to my finish time as the clock was reset when the men started. I will definitely run this race again next year and I hope that timing aspect gets smoothed out a bit. The tutu provided for the race swag wasn’t necessarily flattering but it was free and truly was fun for the theme so of course I wore it! The registration price was very reasonable so it was nice that a free tutu was even worked in! The post-race ceremonies were at Penuche’s Bar and Grill on Hanover Street where beer tickets could be redeemed.

All in all, I’d say GMMRTT was a big fan of the Skirtchaser 7k!

(TI Event Services is a local race management company who specializes in managing new or existing fundraising and charity events. Nice job TI!)

Deb tutu

Amy Tutu

The Swag:

  • The first 150 Women received a free tutu skirt
  • The first 150 Men received a free tee shirt
  • All participants ages 21+ received a free beer ticket redeemable at Penuche’s or Maggie’s



The Course:

The 4.3 mile course started in front of the Palace Theater on Hanover Street with women lining up for first start.


3, 2, 1 and we were off heading west on Hanover Street (check out the start line video above). A right turn had us heading North up Elm Street and I do mean up! At about mile 2 we all ran UP a good sized hill (see the graphic below, feel the hill). Just when you thought it was over you turned a corner and there was a little more hill! Then thankfully it was all downhill (in a good way of course) as we wound around Manchester’s north end. Finally, it was all a straight way from there into the finish line back on Hanover Street. I was pretty excited to see my husband standing on the corner cheering as I made the right turn on to Hanover! Run harder Deb!



The After Party:

The beer ticket was redeemable at either Maggie’s on Elm or Penuche’s on Hanover. This caused our GMMRTT group to divide up with most heading to Maggie’s to socialize. The post-race award ceremonies were at Penuche’s so my husband and I settled there where we met up with a few new GMMRTT members. It was so nice to meet you! Welcome to our group! I also got to meet the lovely Christine from TI Events Services who is so very sweet!

new members

A woman was announced as the overall winner of the race! Hooray! Plus our very own Jess placed in her age group and received the coveted Pilsner Glass. Go Jess! You rock!

Jess places

brooke and teresa

Brooke  and Jess headed out over back to Maggie’s after the awards. My husband and I finished our apps and headed home to relieve Nana. I really did miss celebrating with the rest of the ladies though! It sounds like Maggie’s was fun! See you next time! Nice job ladies!

Brook and AJ

Happy running!

Debby Sig


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