Race Recap | Fat Tuesday 5k


Where: N’awlins Grille, Manchester NH

When: 2/17/15 at 7:00 pm

Managed by: Millennium Running

Professionally timed by: Millennium Running

Can be selected as part of the 2015 Elliot Millennium Running Series

I wasn’t signed up for this race. It just wouldn’t work into my schedule. I had consoled myself a million times over with the reasons. Then, my schedule opened up at the last minute and well, I couldn’t resist! I think you ladies feel me? Many of you even took the time to encourage me via our Facebook group as I argued the ‘should I’ or ‘shouldn’t I’. Of course, I did! Thank you for your words!

With purpose and joy, I conquered post work traffic, daycare pickups, an outfit change, found parking and rushed to the registration table at the back of the Shaskeen Pub and Restaurant on Elm Street. It was worth it, after all, this was Fat Tuesday! I was thrilled to be able to join up with the MRTT ladies for a celebration run! It was dark and cold that evening, although truly not as ridiculously cold as it has been for the majority of the past month. There had even been snow fall just a day or two before the race and the sidewalks downtown were trashed with inches of slush! This seemed like a crazy idea! That said, it was a relatively small group of runners lining up at the start line! Less than 700 runners of the anticipated 1,200 actually participated. There was however, a definite party feel in the air as we lined up!


The lovely Donna Sarasin found me at the start line and we quickly bumped into Brooke. With cautious optimism, we were all ready to rock!


The recent snowfall, I am sure, made this a challenge for both Millennium Running and the City of Manchester to host. Many hours were put in to making the course as clear as possible to provide us all with an enjoyable experience. Even so, the course was challenging due to the recent weather conditions affecting the roads. The direction was well marked however, and the course had many volunteers. That said, it would have been nice to see some traffic cones or volunteers giving warnings near the bigger potholes. The course honestly was a bit treacherous in spots! Bibs were not available for early pickup for this event but were available pre-race at the Shaskeen Pub and Restaurant. Timing chips were attached to the bibs and net times were available immediately at the finish line at the “timing truck”. Also available at the finish line, as always, was pizza sponsored by Portland Pie, yogurt samples sponsored by Stonyfield and of course water or Powerade. This event had great post-race festivity offerings with so many local pubs, bars and eateries close by. Millennium did a fabulous job negotiating the free beer ticket to be redeemable at so many great places. Millennium, for the most part, has it’s events down pat with very few issues!

Thank you to all the wonderful Millennium volunteers as well as the Manchester city police officers who take care of us runners!!!


The Swag:

  • Tech Shirt: The first 500 registrants received a themed tech shirt. I registered at the last minute so I didn’t receive one BUT I heard from many MRTT ladies about how much the shirts are liked! The shirts do look fun! I am so jealous! Enjoy ladies!
  • Drink Ticket: One drink ticket for all 21+ registrants (ID Required) redeemable at your choice of: N’PowerPoint Presentationawlins, Maggie’s, Shaskeen, Strange Brew or The Pint. With so many great options it was hard to choose where to redeem the ticket!
  • Mardi Gras Gear: For merely showing your sneakers at N’awlins Grille you could receive Mardi Gras beads and a masquerade mask. Unofficially many of the local establishments had plenty of gear to hand out. I think I even saw some being tossed out windows!
  • Personalized Bib: If you registered 30 or more days in advance, your Fat Tuesday themed bib was personalized with your first name!


The Course:

Starting in front of the N’awlin’s Grille we all headed south on Elm St. The slush made the right hand turn heading down Merrimack St a bit of a challenge! The crowd was very thick at the start of the race so finding a lane to run in was tricky. I can only imagine how much worse the crowding would have been at this point if all 1,200 runners had participated! Truly, I think most people were afraid of sliding straight down Merrimack St hill which led many to be cautiously slow causing the initial crowding! All runners proceeded right onto Canal St which was dark and full of potholes (no fault of Millennium of course). Canal St has a gradual incline as it becomes River Rd and that was emphasized with a right turn UP North St. This street leads up to Elm St where runners headed North and then turned left after about a block down Webster Street. The volunteers stationed on Elm were sure to yell out “it’s mostly downhill from here”. Webster St is where the water station was located, manned with more volunteers. A left turn back onto River Rd / Canal St had us heading back towards the finish line. Runners navigated the potholes down Canal until taking the left turn UP Merrimack St. The indomitable John Mortimer, founder of Millennium Running, stood at the bottom of the hill doling out encouragement and high fives! “Just one last hill”! How can that not get you up the hill? Thanks John! A left turn back onto Elm St and the finish line was before us!


The After Party:

As I mentioned, there were so many great options for redeeming your free beer ticket so you could essentially choose your after party! Many of us from MRTT met up at Maggie’s. Maggie’s bartender was handing out beads, rubber bracelets, Mardi Gras masks and blinking necklaces. The small bar was quiet at first but quickly filled up as the night wore on. The atmosphere was relatively mellow and allowed for great MRTT socializing. I was happy to meet some of you whom I hadn’t met in person before. I also loved hearing your stories! Many selfies were taken, a group shot was done and another race was in the books. I believe some also wandered out for a group dinner at Portland Pie! Nice job ladies! See you next race!


Don’t forget to check out Millennium Running’s Fat Tuesday Video Recap! You’ll see a few GMMRTT Members!

Happy Running!

Debby Sig


Race Recap | Super Bowl “Chili” 5k

Where: Milly’s Tavern, Manchester NH
When: 2/1/15 at 10:30
Managed by: TI Event Services
Professionally timed by: Racewire
Part of the Wicked Cool Running Series
Proceeds to benefit: HOPE NH – a non-profit youth mentor-ship program
courtesy of TI Events: HOPE kids – the reason for the race
Yesterday morning several running buddies and I donned our favorite football team’s gear, headed downtown, and attempted to stay warm while running the Super Bowl “Chili” 5k. This was my first time running this race, and I am still pretty new to winter racing. So when I saw the cold temps forecasted I was pretty nervous. I have participated in some other TI Event races, and have found them to be well run, with fun after parties. I found this race to live up to these expectations. The company is relatively new, and specializes in charity events.
My friend Erin and her hubby ready to earn their chili!
My friend Erin and her hubby ready to earn their chili!
Organization: The event was well organized. I arrived an hour prior to start time and had no trouble getting a good parking spot, right in the Milly’s lot. Bib pickup went quickly and smoothly. We were able to hang out and stay warm inside Milly’s before start time, and to use their bathrooms, for which I was greatly appreciative. There was a large course map on display and plenty of water and bananas, as well as Dunkins coffee, for the runners.
My friend Donna Sarasin and I. Loving our medals!
My friend Donna Sarasin and I. Loving our medals!
Swag: The first 100 registrants received a keepsake beer glass. The top 2 runners got a cash prize of $100. Top 2 finishers of each division got a very cool medal/bottle opener. I was very excited to receive one! Only the second time I’ve ever placed, so it’s still a big thrill for me. And I love it. All registrants age 21 or over get to chose one free beer at the Milly’s after party. Excellent selection. Blueberry pumpkin with a brown sugar rim was a popular choice. Every runner got a free bowl of chili.
Course map
Courtesy of TI Events: Ready to run!
Courtesy of TI Events: Ready to run!
The Course: The first half of the course was mostly uphill. Or at least it felt that way. Lots of slow, steady inclines. Combined with the biting cold (it was a balmy 16 degrees at race time) and wind this made for some tough going. The course was very well marked, with both signs and plenty of volunteers directing us. The roads weren’t shut down, but it was a small race, and not too much traffic this time of day. There were plenty of traffic cops at the busier intersections as well. There was a water stop at the half way point. The second half was much easier for me. Partly because I had warmed up by then, and partly because we got some great downhill from then on. Ultimately I really enjoyed the run, and was proud of myself for getting the time I did (26:48) on what I considered a fairly challenging course on such a cold day.
Two local running groups: Moms Run This Town and There She Goes Again
The After Party: The after party was at Milly’s. The Milly’s staff was very gracious. There was a DJ and award ceremony. Times were posted for us on a board by the entrance. As a vegetarian I did not get to partake of the chili. From what I saw it looked good, but the dishes were pretty small. I hoped for some bread or crackers but there weren’t any. So I ordered from the Milly’s menu, which was a sinfully yummy selection and reasonably priced. Many other runners ended up ordering food as well. We all had a fun time, and it was a great way to kick off Super Bowl Sunday, and February. I was also pleasantly surprised to receive both results and race photos via email later that afternoon. The results email even featured my finish line picture. Very cool touch.
Overall I’d say this was an excellent race. I had a blast and would definitely run it again, and recommend to friends as well. It had the uncommon race experience of being both small and laid back but also professionally run and organized. Usually in the race world you get one or the other but I have found this to be characteristic of TI Events.
On another note: Go Pats!!!!! Congrats on another Super Bowl win!!!!



Welcome to our Greater Manchester Mom’s Run This Town blog! Our amazing community has connected us to many mother runners who understand the struggle to work out, inspire us get out the door when we just don’t want to and allow us to learn more about running than we thought possible.  It is our hope that we can continue to build our running community by sharing stories from our members, sharing tips and recipes for healthy eating, sharing the latest fitness related apps, gadgets and so much more through this blog.  It is a pleasure to introduce you to the blogging team that will be working behind the scenes to provide you with real stories and tips and tricks to make staying fit easier, as well as fun!

Without further ado-

Mary Beth S

Mary Beth S.
39 year old stay at home mom of 3. Lives in Manchester. Loves running, yoga, boot camp, and barre. Also loves reading and watching bad reality TV. Currently training for Wallis Sands and Run To Remember. Never blogged before but enjoys writing and looking forward to this new challenge.

Kate L

Kate L.
My name is Kate. I’m a mother of a beautiful, spirited, four year old named Mia. I work full-time out of the home as a Social Worker/Home Visitor of at-risk Infant/Toddlers/Families. In any free time that I do have, I run, cook, bake, read, shop, work out, and write. I’m a people lover, and am always looking to make running friends to help me stay focused-and because mother runners generally kick a** as people.  I plan on running a half in the fall, and am working to bring up my endurance and speed after injury and weight gain

Debby J

Debby J.
I am a full time working Mother of 4 busy children! When not running off to baseball games or cheerleading competitions, I just plain love to run  – for sanity! I ran, but mostly walked, my first 5K in 2013 and have gone on to run many more races since, including a half marathon.I live in Manchester with my family and enjoy cooking, travelling, blogging, running themed races and planning running outfits! My goals are to run at least 500 miles in 2015 and to crush my personal half marathon record!

You can read more from Debby at her personal blog about lunch packing, www.ipacklunch.com.

Maggie W

Maggie W.
I work for a small (but awesome) web design and build company, and spend most of my free time chasing 2 small kids and running with my hound dog mix in Bedford. I run for chocolate, wine, and the freedom of the road.  I am training for my second half marathon this year, and hope to finally beat that 2 hour mark.

Nicolasa M

Nicolasa M.
I am a Mommy of a 2 year old boy and a 4th grade teacher. I’ve been running 5k races since 2010 but after my son was born in 2012 I registered to run my first half marathon and I have run several since. I recently crossed the finish line at the Baystate Marathon in October 2014.  I am currently training for my second marathon in June because I just love a challenge. When I’m not lacing up my running shoes I enjoy reading books with my little guy, booty barre class, singing off key in my car and eating!

You can follow Nicolasa’s training and fitness journey on her personal blog: www.shoelacesandbibs.com

Lauren P

Lauren P.

Lauren R. Pino, RN, MPH, CPH, CHES -Master of Public Health, Boston University

I am a Mommy of 2, a Registered Nurse Health Coach, Professor and our clinical health and wellness “go-to girl.”  I am a survivor of congenital heart disease and will be running the Boston Marathon in 2015 with the American Heart/Stroke Association’s “Tedy’s Team.”  When I’m not caring for my patients, teaching in the classroom, or logging miles on the Boston course, I enjoy baking with my kids, trying new restaurants with my husband, Spinning, and finding any excuse to dress up in a costume.

You can learn more about Lauren and her journey to the Boston Marathon by following her Facebook page, “Running with Heart.” https://www.facebook.com/Runningwithheart


Also part of the blogging team is Jennifer M. 

If you have any questions or want to submit ideas for future blogging topics please email: gmmrttblog@gmail.com

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